Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Siwadikap ppl! Sher Degarmo now is gonna show you her four days journey in Krabi.
Hope you guys enjoy. =)

During the flight mestlilah camwhore sikit.
Dwane's first experience taking a flight.
U-Fai first time as an adult to take a flight without passport integrate with his mom.
This was my second time taking flight. My first time was given to national service.How sad kan?

By the time we arrived in Thai, it was raining.We took a van to fit 9 of us in from airport and then 'deliver' us to Aree Tara hotel. The journey supposed to be 45 minutes but the driver speeded so we only took 35 minutes to reach there.

The hotel was surprising beutiful, nice and comfy.
We received an offer from the hotel management to upgrade to deluxe rooms. Syioknya~

This is the room I shared with Geor.
Dwane and Fai came out with a joke of the day.
They didn't know the two elephants displayed on the bed was towels till the hotel service ppl told them.

Balcony with chairs and tables.
Nice view from top which can see swimming pool.

Together with a white plasma tv and big mirror.

Swimming pool view.

Sher with the white elephant.

We went to the beach which is nearby after brunch.

Choo, Na, Tho & Mi Xue

Random scene.

Dwane was the photographer.

The main AV 2 plus the m.i.a Guo Wei!!!

Headed to their happening street at night. The bikinis and floral dress are much more pricey than it sells in M'sia. I could get nicer and cheaper in Sg.Wang seriously.

Fai, Geor and I chilled in the swimming pool with some beers. Choo & bf joined us later.
Had some chit-chat about our 'future' after graduate.

Bath tub talked session with Geor after we were back to our room.